LifeScience Alley, the regional trade association that represents life science and health technology companies, on Wednesday announced that 10 organizations will be exhibiting cutting-edge products as part of the association’s New Technology Showcase at the 2013 LifeScience Alley Conference.

The conference will be held Nov. 20 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Featured will be:

Omnis Pharma, Inc., of Rochester, Minn., developing a cancer-selective virus particularly suited to destroy relapsed or metastatic cancer cells; Rebiotix, Inc., of Roseville, Minn., which will present something called Microbiota Restoration Therapy, which delivers live, human-derived microbes to patients’ intestinal tracts to restore balance and treat certain diseases; and VGBio of Naperville, Ill. will demonstrate its remote patient monitoring and predictive analytics system, which converts patient vital signs into information to aid in care.

CogCubed, a Minneapolis company, will exhibit an approach to diagnosing and treating cognitive health by analyzing game play data; Datuit, LLC. of Roseville will display a platform allowing patients, family and clinicians to confidentially share medical information; Imanis Life Sciences, LLC. of Rochester will show a gene-based platform for promoting non-invasive, long-term imaging technologies in living beings; Mednology Solutions, LLC., an Excelsior company, wll exhibit a system designed to improve efficiency in the management of medical emergencies; NanoVault Medical of St. Paul will show a cellular and biotherapeutic delivery technology to treat autoimmune diseases. ReMind Technologies of Houston, Tex., will exhibit a smartphone-based medication dispensing device and Skyline Medical, Inc. of Eagan will show an automated surgical fluid disposal device with unlimited capacity and real-time fluid volume data.

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