Must every attempt to define the appeal of the Minnesota Lynx (or women's sports in general) come at the expense of men's sports in this state?

 Letters to the editor proclaiming support for female sports almost always end up contrasting the virtuous quality of women's sports with the bogeymen that are our "popular" men's sports in this town.

The Lynx would do well to distance themselves from the small portion of their fan base that uses their existence to demonize the "establishment."

There are many reasons to attend a Lynx game, the least of which should be that Randy Moss once drove around town with a traffic cop as a hood ornament.


• • •

Regarding the Vikings coverage: Is there anything else that would warrant FIVE bylines and FIVE AND ONE HALF pages of coverage?

"Michele Bachmann Abducted By Aliens" ...

"Mysterious Sinkhole Swallows Megamall" ...

"Tom Emmer Endorses Plan to Raise Taxes" ...

Is there something out of proportion here?