Late-night talk show host David Letterman made a video appearance at the Minnesota Business Partnership dinner Monday night, offering his top 10 least successful Minnesota businesses.

Letterman made the appearance at the request of Democratic Sen. Al Franken after legislative leaders offered a top 10 list of highlights from the last legislative session. Letterman jokingly threatened to sue the business group for stealing his trademarked list. “That was funny,” Letterman said in a deadpan delivery. “What would be funny is if I don’t sue you thieving bastards.”

Here is Letterman’s top 10 least successful Minnesota businesses:

10. 2M

9. Ventura’s Secret

8. Whore-mel

7. Land-O-Lactose

6. The law firm of Olson, Carlson, Gustafson, Jensen, Peterson, Petersen, Pederson and Schwartz.

5. Strip Mall of America

4. Buffalo Mild-Mannered Wings

3. Second Best Buy

2. Prince’s Awkwardly Shaped Guitar Center

1. (Minnesota Business Partnership executive director) Charlie Weaver’s House of Toast