As a Twins season ticket holder, I have sat through many games — some good, some not so good. But a Target Field tradition is great every time — it’s the flag raising ceremony that precedes each game.

For those who have not witnessed the ceremony: A military service person, veteran or active duty, is chosen to raise the flag. His or her face is on the big screen while the service record is read. (It might be a 90-year-old World War II veteran or an active duty National Guard servicewoman.)

Families sometimes surround the flag raiser and often assist. They crank up the flag while a local choir or individual sings the anthem. Then, the service person stands at attention and salutes, often with tears flowing freely.

It’s such a lovely custom and often the best thing that happens all evening. I love the anthems, too. Usually the choirs are singing at their best, with the director possibly wearing a throwback Kent Hrbek jersey. Oh, and please tell the players that the anthem is not a prayer and they needn’t bow their heads; they are missing an important tradition.

Will someone tell me why Fox Sports does not televise these heart-warming ceremonies? Viewers at home get the lame relay throws and yet more Fox Sports girls — yech! Surely they could fit the ceremonies into the broadcast seamlessly and play the other stuff when the Twins are on the road.