On behalf of my family, may I say an enormous thank you to the people of Minneapolis who were so kind to us when we were delayed in our flight back to Europe because of the Icelandic volcano. The horror stories we heard when we returned home of what had happened to those delayed in European airports and, it must be said, in some other American cities, made us appreciate all the more the great kindness extended to us in Minneapolis. There was never a hint of hotels or businesses seeking to exploit our situation, or that of any other travelers to whom we spoke who were in a similar position. On the contrary, people were unfailingly courteous, generous and helpful wherever we went. Even the weather was exceptional -- hotter than in San Diego, where we had holidayed. The city landscape was often breathtaking, as were the suburban nature reserves and lakes we visited. May your city and its citizens continue to prosper. Thank you once again for all that you did for us. God willing, we shall certainly return sometime in the future.