I was astounded to read in the Star Tribune that the University of Minnesota is courting William McGuire for the position of "executive in residence" at its school of business (Business, Sept. 12). Yes, the same William McGuire who has become the symbol of corporate greed in Minnesota and nationwide, a billionaire CEO who was forced to relinquish his position at UnitedHealth Group because of a highly publicized options backdating scandal. In justifying the university's courtship of McGuire, Medical Industry Leadership Institute Director Stephen Parente was quoted as saying "We don't really care about the stock options." Apparently the university is prepared to make McGuire a role model for future business leaders. It's difficult to not draw a parallel to some of the "role models" that have been recruited into the university's sports programs, and into professional sports in general. While university leaders may consider it a creative coup to add McGuire to its staff, the average citizen will see it differently.