I would like to express my great admiration to Nancy Braun, Debbie Simonson, Cindy Severson and Pamela Reinert, who, along with their coworkers, took on their abusive employer -- Wal-Mart -- and won (Star Tribune, June 2)! They have proven that when people cooperate, they have the power to change their workplace.

Unfortunately, justice for these workers has been seven long years in coming, and if Wal-Mart appeals, justice will be delayed even further. While the courts ruled in favor of Nancy and her coworkers, these hardworking folks have yet to be paid for their hours. All too often, justice delayed is justice denied.

The desire for fair and just workplaces is just one of the reasons that people form and join unions. But, historically, Wal-Mart has fought all attempts by workers to unionize. Under current law, employers can and do use tactics that delay and ultimately deny workers their right to organize a union. The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) is legislation aimed at stopping the delay of justice by giving workers greater power to stand up to their employers and win.

As a union representing retail workers, we stand in solidarity with the workers at Wal-Mart in the fight for fair and just workplaces.