We all misplace our keys or forget the combinations to locks. With the BenjiLock Fingerprint Sport Lock — a slim, multipurpose padlock — all you need is a fingerprint.

Up to 10 fingerprints can be stored for sharing access to the lock. Or, if you're insecure that one fingerprint isn't enough, use all 10 of your own.

Setup is simple, once the internal lithium battery is charged with the micro USB cable included with the device. The charge should last for six months of use before it needs another power boost.

To program, hold a finger on the sensor, wait for flashing lights, and you're all set. Now the lock is ready to secure a cabinet, school or gym locker, or just hang it on a backpack so it's ready for its next use. The Fingerprint Sport Lock sells for $30 (buyhampton.com) and is available in black, red and white matte finishes.

BenjiLock also has a Fingerprint Bike Lock — an 8-inch, U-shaped device that looks like a traditional bike lock but is fingerprint-activated, like the sport lock. Selling for $79, it's constructed with a matte black finish and an IP-65 weather-resistant rating. It features a pick- and drill-resistant cylinder and a bolt cutter-resistant, covered hardened steel shackle. The battery lasts for about six months before a recharge is needed.

And if you're not ready to give up on a key, the bike lock also opens with one (two keys are included).