Alexandria, Minn. - What's up, fight fans? 

Earlier this week, Kyle Shiely and I went up to Brock Lesnar's training camp in Alexandria, Minn., where he's preparing to face Cain Velasquez in Anaheim, Calif., Oct. 23.

The UFC heavyweight champ continues to evolve as a fighter.

He's been working with Pat Barry, Jon Madsen and Cole Konrad. All three fighters said Lesnar looks as good as ever.

The former warehouse where Lesnar trains doesn't look like much of a training facility. But inside, Lesnar has created one of the top heavyweight camps in the world.

That's the benefit of making millions every year. Lesnar can bring camp to him, a luxury that few fighters can afford. But I think it's one of the keys to Lesnar's success.

He gets to train for three months without leaving his family. He's the boss, so he only surrounds himself with people he likes. And because he's worked with the same guys for years, the gym has a family atmosphere.

During Tuesday's training session, his wife walked in and worked out on the elliptical. Marty Morgan, who coached Lesnar when he wrestled at Minnesota, runs his camp.

It's clear that Lesnar is more relaxed entering the Velasquez fight that he ever was for previous bouts.

I went to his camp last year, prior to his second bout against Frank Mir. He seemed tense. I was happy to get an invite to his camp but confident he didn't feel the same way.

But when I visited camp this week, I found a Brock Lesnar who was more open and forthcoming to folks outside of his circle. He talked to us for 30 minutes, and then he did a video interview that will air on next week.

He also invited us to Jimmy John's where the UFC shot a segment for "Primetime." 

I've covered Lesnar for a few years and I've never seen him so calm and accessible before a bout. Next Saturday should be exciting.

-Have you ever watched someone walk across the floor on their hands? Have you ever seen a 265-pound individual do it while wearing boxing gloves? 

Just before Lesnar began his sparring sessions Tuesday, he flipped over and walked across the mat, legs dangling in the air, hands on the ground. I couldn't believe it.

Some say he's the best athlete in the heavyweight division. But he's probably the best athlete in the sport. Sorry, GSP.

Here are a few photos from Brock's camp ...



(The UFC's camera crew follows Brock to his truck)



(A panoramic view of Brock's training gym in Alexandria, Minn.)



(Brock resting after sparring session with Pat Barry)



(Brock's truck parked outside of his gym)

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