Three months ago, April Hoagland and Rebecca Peirce welcomed a baby girl into their Utah home as foster parents. But this week, the couple said they had been ordered to give up the baby because they are lesbians.

The couple, who are married, were raising two children when the state’s child welfare agency, the Division of Child and Family Services, approved them to be foster parents. They had hoped to eventually adopt the 8-month-old girl.

But the couple said they were told Tuesday by a juvenile court judge, Scott Johansen, that the child would be removed from their home in Price within seven days and turned over to a heterosexual couple. “He said he has research to back that children do better in heterosexual homes,” Hoagland told the Salt Lake Tribune.

“I was kind of caught off-guard because I didn’t think anything like that would happen anymore,” Peirce told KUTV.

The couple, who are raising two children, ages 12 and 14, plan to appeal the decision, the station reported.

Brent Platt, director of Utah’s child welfare agency, told the Tribune that the agency might appeal the ruling if it felt the “decision is not best for the child.”

A voter-approved ban on same-sex marriages in Utah was overturned last year by appointed federal judges.

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