Our cabin story began 45 years ago when my dad, Gordie, and a lifelong friend, Bob Herzan, bought a 6-acre lot on Lake Johnson, north of Grand Rapids, Minn. We had to clear the land and get ready for the adventure. We started out with a tent for a few years before using a tent trailer. Then we had a 1959 New Moon trailer (9 feet by 39 feet). A few years later a cabin was built around the trailer. Before long we pulled out the trailer and finished the cabin. We added some modern conveniences, from water to electricity to indoor plumbing, with each passing year. By the end we had phone service and satellite TV and a flat screen. All the memories made at our little slice of heaven will be cherished forever, and they are all that is left: On Oct. 23 we closed on the cabin. My thanks to Lake Johnson for treating us so well over the 45 years. Gary Woessner, HAM LAKE, Minn.