Lady Gaga makes another entrance. Photo by STCH/PGUS


A few more thoughts on Lady Gaga’s gig at the X on Wednesday, beyond what my review discussed:

• Her two-foot long hair was honey brown with lime-green highlights. And it glowed in the dark. Really.

• She played every song but one (“the Queen”) from her “Born This Way” album, the deluxe version.

• Unlike at her 2010 shows in St. Paul, she didn’t play any new, unreleased material. We heard two new numbers back then. But this time there wasn’t even a mention of “Artpop,” the new album she’s promised for this year. Don’t hold your breath.

• I liked the Monster Ball show better than this Born This Way Ball. Why? It was more colorful and animated and had a storyline to follow – even if it was very hokey. However, Gaga was much more talkative and personal this time. Maybe too talkative.

• Which born this way method did you prefer --- when she came out of giant plastic egg or when she entered from a huge inflated vagina?

• Which carrier did you prefer – the mechanical unicorn or the 3-wheel motorcycle (on which she had simulated sex)?

• The Little Monsters seemed to prefer her old hits – “Bad Romance,” “Just Dance,” “Poker Face” – over the “Born This Way” material.

• Gaga played piano, keytar and guitar. Piano was the only instrument that mattered to her.

• The coolest instrument was the circular keyboard wherein a male musician stood in the middle and was surrounded by 360-degrees of keys.

• Gaga does love her some ‘80s music. “Hair,” which was bouncy ‘80s pop, had some actual grit and heart. But “Electric Chapel” came across like bad Bon Jovi.

• She said her dad was a Springsteen fan who used to see the Boss perform on the Jersey Shore.

• She paraded around with a U.S. flag during “You and I” and, during other songs, her dancers waved flags emblazoned with G.O.A.T. – which she said stood for government owned alien territory. I still don’t get it. Just shut up and dance.

Here is Gaga’s set list from Xcel on Wednesday:

Highway Unicorn/ Government Hooker/ Born This Way/ Black Jesus + Amen Fashion/ Bloody Mary/ Bad Romance/ Judas/ Fashion of His Love/ Just Dance/ Love Game/ Telephone/ Hair/ Electric Chapel/ Heavy Metal Lover/ Bad Kids/ solo piano: Edge of Glory/ Born This Way/ full band You and I/ Americano/Poker Face/ Alejandro/ Paparazzi/ Scheibe ENCORE Marry the Night