Minneapolis Police Lt. Bob Kroll won a second term as president of the union that represents city police officers.

In the final tally announced on Thursday, Kroll had a 423-184 vote edge over his opponent, officer Cory Fitch, officials said.

Throughout his re-election bid, Kroll insisted that he was running on his record as a staunch defender of rank-and-file cops. "I think the membership realized that," he said Thursday.

He dismissed Fitch's characterization of him as a divisive leader incapable of cooperating with department and city leadership. "We're involved in city politics very much and a lot of it is behind the scenes," Kroll said.

Kroll first won the job in May 2015 after decisively defeating longtime president John Delmonico, under whom he'd served as vice president since 2006. But the controversial Kroll has many critics — both at City Hall and among community advocates — who argue that he embodies a bygone era of policing.

Fitch, a 15-year veteran, will remain as the union board's secretary. Kroll said he intends to continue working closely with him.

"I respect the decision of the membership and graciously accept the election outcome," Fitch said.

Another board member, Sgt. Ron Stenerson, lost his re-election bid to Sgt. Steve Fogarty, while officer William Bjork, a Kroll ally, was ousted by officer Dean Milner.

The union represents the city's roughly 860 sworn officers, as well as park police officers. Its president serves a two-year term and collects about $29,000 a year in salary.

Police Chief Janeé Harteau, a frequent sparring partner of Kroll's, said their relationship has improved recently, pointing to their negotiation of a new police contract. "I will continue to give the Federation a seat at the table in our work together in partnership with our community to further enhance the service we provide and our leadership in procedural justice and 21st century policing," she said.