Frontier drops toll-free line

Frontier Airlines has dropped its toll-free customer service phone number. The move mimics a 2013 money-saving decision by ultra-low-cost Spirit Airlines, whose early investors bought Frontier in 2013 with plans to make it into the mirror image of Spirit. Los Angeles Times

Disney cruises limit alcohol

Disney Cruise Line is restricting what alcohol passengers may bring onboard. Starting Sept. 30, guests will be allowed to bring two bottles of unopened wine or champagne or six beers on board at the beginning of the trip and at each port-of-call. Bringing liquors and spirits onboard will be prohibited. The new policy "is not unusual in the cruise industry," a spokeswoman said.

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Waterparks add high-tech thrills

Waterparks are getting a technological upgrade. Great Wolf Lodge in the Pocono Mountains, Pa., and Williamsburg, Va., and Wet 'n Wild in Las Vegas have both introduced a ride called Slideboarding, which its inventors describe as "Guitar Hero inside a water slide." Presented as the world's first video game in a water park, the ride puts some game controllers on a water slide board. Participants zoom down a tube and score points by pressing their control buttons to corresponding flashing lights. Scoreboards are visible as participants exit the tubes and help stir some friendly competition. The ride will also be available on the MSC Seaside cruise ship that's planned for 2017. Meanwhile the Raging Waters park in San Dimas, Calif., has just opened a 1,000-foot-long hydromagnetic Aqua Rocket ride, which uses a magnetic field to propel water riders.

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Delta 'shaming' customers, group says

A passenger rights group says Delta Air Lines is shaming travelers into buying expensive upgrades such as a roomier seats, early boarding privileges or a refundable ticket. When you choose a basic economy fare on Delta's website, the final page before you confirm lists several restrictions you face if you buy the cheap ticket. It warns that you will be last to board and last to access overhead bin space. It says you will get no seat assignment, no refunds, no ticket changes, no early boarding and no standby travel changes. Paul Hudson of compared the tactic to a high-pressure car dealer. Delta spokesman Anthony Black said the intent was not to shame people but "to make people aware of what they are buying."Los Angeles Times Web Buzz

Carnival adds social media plans

Soon you'll be able to get online during your Carnival cruise for just $5 a day — if all you want to do is post pictures to social media. The plans give passengers unlimited access to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other sites. If purchased for a seven-day cruise, the social media plans cost $25. To surf more websites, you'll need a "value" Internet plan for $16 daily. For $25 a day, Carnival has a "premium" package with a faster connection and video-calling capabilities through sites such as Skype. Additionally, the cruise line's new mobile app, Carnival HUB, enables passengers to exchange messages with other passengers for $5 for the entire cruise. Sun Sentinel