By Baird Helgeson

Pop culture writer Chuck Klosterman appeared on Gov. Tim Pawlenty's weekly radio show today.

Klosterman and Minnesota First Lady Mary Pawlenty got to talking on the show about being literal.

People find it scary or confusing when others are literal, said Klosterman, who called in from Oregon.

People say someone's new haircut looks great when they don't really think it does, for instance.

He worried that people have become too comfortable being inauthentic. Facebook updates, he said, are an example of how we see ourselves, but not really how we are.

Then he turned the idea on the governor, who is eyeing a possible run for president.

What if Pawlenty always said exactly what he felt or exactly what he knew? 

"How much would his career change?" Klosterman asked.“Everybody around him would lose their mind. Every aide would go crazy."


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