In a wide-ranging recent interview with Awful Announcing that focused mainly on his work at TNT, former Wolves star Kevin Garnett was also asked about his future business plans.

Garnett, who has said in the past that he would like to buy the Timberwolves, reiterated that desire. Of particular interest, though, is how he phrased his response to Awful Announcing:

"I don't want to be partners with Glen [Taylor], and I wouldn't want to be partners with Glen in Minnesota. I would love to be part of a group that buys him out and kind of removes him and go forward."

If the assumption before was that Garnett would buy a stake in the team under the current ownership group, he pretty emphatically changed that narrative.

Taylor — who also owns the Star Tribune — told Sid Hartman in August that he has about a 70 percent stake in the Wolves and at that time had no intention of selling.

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