The Brits, as we know, are a tea-loving bunch, which is why KFC should be commended for bravery.

The American food chain has announced plans to introduce Seattle’s Best Coffee to its fried-chicken restaurants throughout England.

KFC wins even more points for a smashing solution that allows our friends across the pond to hide evidence of their potential coffee addiction.

Toss down that coffee. Then chow down that cup.

To reduce its footprint and respond to growing concern about sustainability, KFC is testing edible cups at its restaurants throughout the country. The cups are made from a wafer coated in sugar paper and lined with a heat-resistant white chocolate, said spokeswoman Jocelyn Bynoe.

As you drink the coffee, the white chocolate lining melts and softens the crisp wafer, Bynoe said.

At least, in a perfect world that’s what happens. But you would not be unreasonable to wonder how a company that specializes in sizzling fried foods can be supremely sure of this.

The product still is in the trial phase but might be available as soon as this summer.

The cups are infused with aromas from “coconut sun cream” to “freshly cut grass.”

Clever edibles aren’t new. We love our taco shell salads and bread bowls. Italian coffee maker Lavazza offers edible cookie cups, Bynoe noted.

But this is KFC’s first foray. It partnered with food scientists at the Robin Collective in the United Kingdom to develop the cups.

So, bottoms up. And, in the great British tradition, wear gloves. □