KEY findings

• Blacks represented 67 percent of the population in Ferguson, but represented 85 percent of the people subject to a vehicle stop and 93 percent of the people arrested from 2012-2014.

• Black drivers in Ferguson are more than twice as likely to be searched during vehicle stops, but are found in possession of contraband 26 percent less often than white drivers.

• In 88 percent of the cases in which the Ferguson Police Department used force, it was against blacks. In each of the 14 canine-bite incidents for which racial information was available, the person bitten was black.

• In Ferguson court cases, blacks are 68 percent less likely than others to have their cases dismissed by a municipal judge.

• From April to September 2014, 95 percent of people held longer than two days in the Ferguson jail were black. The Police Department also overwhelmingly charges blacks with certain petty offenses.

Washington Post