Kevin Love had the honor of presenting President Barack Obama with a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey Thursday afternoon at the White House.

Obama welcomed the Cavs to the White House to congratulate the team for finally bringing an NBA championship to Cleveland last season.

The President's speech recapped the Cavs' comeback from a 3-1 deficit against the Golden State Warriors and highlighted Love’s effort in Game 7.

“The stop by Kevin Love. I mean, Kevin was moving!” Obama said. “I hadn’t seen defense like that.”

Love, the ex-Timberwolves star, posted a photo of the exchange between he and Obama on Instagram and wrote “No words for this moment. Once in a lifetime and something I am so fortunate to have experienced. Thanks to @barackobama and @michelleobama for being gracious hosts.”

Obama entertained the Cavs with some humor. He began his speech by saying "Welcome to the White House and give it up for the world champion Cleveland Cavaliers. That's right, I said world champion and Cleveland in the same sentence."

He also joked about the possibility that the sleeves on his new jersey might be too tight. Obama said “Can I tear them? Can I rip them?”

Love responded “LeBron rips them.” James added “I’ll show you exactly how to rip them.”   

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