There is no shortage of opinions about this year's Timberwolves, and some of the hottest of the hot takes involve some variation of the CLEVER "Timberbulls" joke about how many former Chicago players are on Tom Thibodeau's roster.

At least mixed in with that recurring joke, we get some substance in the case of Brandon Robinson, who goes by "Scoop B" and writes for a site of the same name.

He checked in recently with Kevin Garnett, asking KG this question: Could Derrick Rose, the former NBA MVP signed to a one-year deal in the offseason after a strong showing in the playoffs last season for the Wolves, be Minnesota's starting point guard?

While that seems unlikely given Jeff Teague is the starter and Rose has been brought in to bolster the bench, Garnett likes the idea.

"He's able to get shots for guys and he's able to knock shots down, so yeah, I would," Garnett said.

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