The Twins have fallen back into last place in the AL Central after five losses in their last six games.


But if you can't keep the faith for the hometown team today, when can you keep it?

We are told that 10 nuns from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester -- average age of 82 -- will be making the trek to Target field for today's noon game against the Tigers.

Pictured on the right is Generose, who is 92, this morning before the trek to Minneapolis. She will be the Player of the Game, get to go in the press box during the TV broadcast and will be circled by Bert Blyleven, according to Nick Hanson from Mayo's Public Affairs department.

All 10 of them are apparently huge Twins fans and still listen to every game on the radio (and catch a few on TV, even).

If you did not know, the Sisters of St. Francis were instrumental in founding what is now the world-renowned Mayo Clinic. There is a quick timeline at this site. Per Hanson:

The sisters founded the hospital in the late 1890's when the Mayo family started their practice there. Their order helped run the hospital administration for years. There is a convent here in town with about 200 sisters living there. About 20 sisters still live and work at Mayo Clinic serving in the hospital.

Among them are the 10 traveling to the game today. We're not sure if their energy and enthusiasm will help the Twins take 2 of 3 from the Tigers, but it certainly can't hurt.

Also, a bit of housekeeping: After nearly three weeks without a day off, we are taking a long weekend. This could very well be the last post until Monday, unless inspiration strikes.

Pictured below: More from the group as they began their trip this morning.