A chance to restore father's legacy

Justin Trudeau has the chance to restore the Liberal legacy of his late father, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, which has been under siege during 10 years of Conservative rule.

His dashing father drew comparisons to John F. Kennedy after rising to power in 1968. Harper fought to reverse the image of a Liberal Canada, cutting corporate and sales taxes and removing Canada from a climate change agreement.

A 43-year-old former high school teacher, nightclub bouncer and snowboarding instructor, Justin Trudeau first captured national attention in 2000 with a moving eulogy at his father's state funeral. He challenged the country to cement Pierre Trudeau's vision of a united and multicultural Canada. Eight years later, he won a seat in Parliament from Montreal. He became Liberal leader in 2013.

In his memoir "Common Ground," Trudeau discussed his turbulent upbringing. His mother, Margaret, was 22 years old when she married the 51-year-old prime minister in 1971, and she quickly earned a reputation for partying. The couple separated when Justin was 6.

Trudeau, the second youngest prime minister in Canada's history, is married to former Quebec television host Sophie Gregoire and has three children.

Associated Press