The U.S. Department of Justice said Tuesday that it will monitor Election Day activities across the country while asking each state’s federal law enforcement leaders to collect reports of any voter rights abuses or election fraud.

The department said it will watch for any voter intimidation or voter suppression “based on race, color, national origin or religion.” U.S. attorney’s offices and FBI personnel will also collect any complaints of possible election fraud such as vote-buying or fraudulent ballots or registrations.

A U.S. attorney’s spokesman said the Minnesota office has not received any complaints as of Tuesday. Early voting in Minnesota began on Sept. 23. The office is asking anyone with specific concerns to call 612-664-5600 for a district election officer in charge of collecting such reports.

The poll monitoring effort is being planned against the backdrop of accusations by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump that the election will be “rigged.” Trump has called on his supporters to monitor polling places, while Democrats have warned that such tactics could evolve into voter intimidation.

Officials from the Justice Department’s civil rights division will be sent to monitor numerous polling places nationally, though exact locations won’t be announced until closer to Nov. 8.


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