This year I am fishing the Big Bass Bonanza team circuit with my friend Mike and we had our first event of the year yesterday.  It was on the Horseshoe Chain and going into the event I was very excited based on the previous results there would be some good bags of bass brought in.

The reports coming into the tournament day was that pre-fishing was tough for many of the anglers and with the cold front that moved through Saturday night we knew it could make for an interesting day.  At takeoff it was chilly, luckily I could quick throw on my Onyx Pro Tech Fishing Bib to keep me comfortable until the sun got things warmed up.

Our day started off very well, when I hooked up with and landed a big bass that was just under 4 lb.'s on a 3/16 oz. Picasso Shakedown jig head with with a finesse worm as a trailer.  We were fishing various points that had scattered vegetation and rocks on them.  Feeling these light bites was crucial to our success and my 10 lb. Seaguar Inviz X and my 7'2" Wright & McGill Teserra spinning rod allowed me to feel the bites and get the bass into the boat.

Following this immediate excitement, our day slowed down and we gradually picked up another keeper here and there.  Mike and I had a milk-run of spots set up, that included docks, lily pads and laydowns.  We were able to keep keep upgrading one fish at time and caught numerous keeper bass up to 14 3/4 inches.

These were not the fish we needed, so we kept looking for some larger bass.  As the day progressed the bite picked up and Mike hooked up with our big bass of the day, which was 4.07 lb's and came on a Texas-rigged RC Beaver.

The other lures that I relied on included a Texas-rigged weightless soft stickbait that I skipped around the boat docks and a 5/16 oz. RC Tackle Pad Jig that I flipped and swam around scattered laydowns and lilypads.

Our final 8 fish limit weight in at 17.03 lb's, which put us in 7th place!  With two bass that had a total weight of pushing 8 lb's it showed that are other six bass weren't that impressive, but as we had thought in the morning, the bite was a little off since it only took 20.24 lb's to win.  We were just .16 lb's out of the money and only .86 lb's from third place, hence why the game of tournament fishing could be know as the game of ounces!!

Mike and I earned some valuable points for the year end standings and are looking forward to the next BBB event on June 20 on Lake Ida.

Here is a look at some video of the BBB event and the top three finishers.

I'll have a report and recap of my second BASS Weekend Series event next Sunday out of Wabasha on the Mississippi River.  To learn more and follow me throughout my 2010 season check out