Jurors in the Yanez trial

An 18-year-old female college student who immigrated to the United States from Ethiopia at age 10 and a pipe fitter from Texas are among the twelve jurors deciding the fate of officer Jeronimo Yanez.

The five women and seven men represent several decades in age and a spectrum of professions. The two people of color on the jury include the college student and a young black man who manages a Wendy’s fast food restaurant.

“I haven’t really had any experience with law enforcement, really,” the young man said during jury selection two weeks ago.

The man said in his jury questionnaire that he had “mixed feelings” about the criminal justice system because people with power and money have a better chance of “getting away.”

“I think police should carry guns, but not regular people,” the young woman said.

The other 10 jurors are:

• A woman who manages a gas station and made pro-law enforcement posts on Facebook last November.

• A female licensed practical nurse who said she had related de-escalation training.

• A female emergency room nurse.

• A female computer support worker who said she was not familiar with the case before trial.

• A man with a permit to carry and a nephew who is a police officer outside of Minnesota.

• A man who had “very little” knowledge of the case before trial and owns a revolver he hasn’t handled in years.

• A male wellness coach who said marijuana should be legalized.

• A retired man who hunts using guns.

• A man who does construction and remodeling work and owns several shotguns and rifles.

• The male pipe fitter, who told the court that minor offenses such as broken lights can “grow and become warrants. It seems like [the criminal justice system’s] rigged against you.”


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