PICK OF THE WEEK: There’s an eerie tinge to the Summer Flower Show that opened over the weekend at the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. Not the flowering displays; they’re marvelous. We’re talking about the fact that a show that has been in the works for months features the unveiling of a new Oriental Trumpet hybrid lily named — this is where the shivers show up — Purple Prince (pictured at right). In fact, the show has a purple theme, including purple, roses, caladiums and petunias. Plant lovers, let’s go crazy. The show continues through Oct. 2. (comozooconservatory.org)


Cheat sheet: Mother’s Day is coming up Sunday. (You knew that, right? Pretend you did even if you didn’t.) Here are some tidbits to toss into the conversation:

• Contrary to cynical belief, the holiday was not invented by greeting card companies or florists. The practice of designating a day to honor motherhood dates to ancient Greece.

• You think it’s commercialized now? Imagine if an attempt to copyright the term Mother’s Day hadn’t been rejected by the U.S. Copyright Office in 1938.


• Restaurants report that it’s the busiest day of the year. Meaning: Get your reservation in now before you’re saddled yet again with the indignity of having to take Mom to the drive-up window.


Day by day: Tuesday is national Lumpy Rug Day. Some say it’s meant to pay homage to our favorite, well-worn rugs, while others argue that it’s a reminder to clean the carpets. And for those who relish symbolism, it’s an excuse to sweep unwelcome issues under the proverbial rug. Then again, there’s no reason we can’t do all three.

Traffic Jam: The Franklin Av. bridge is closing Sunday for a construction project that will last until fall. At that’s just half of it. The bridge will reopen for the winter but then close again next summer so the work can be completed. It’s being restored closer to its original 1923 design, and it’s getting a new deck — construction jargon for road.


recommended reading: These days there’s a coach for every activity, from playing tennis to getting divorced to naming a baby. We’ll coach you through all the nuances in Tuesday’s Variety.