I’ve pivoted from “how hot” jokes to useless, vaguely interesting trivia. A story at Everyday Health caught my eye. On average, 175 Americans perish from extreme heat every year. Women have more sweat glands, but men’s sweat glands are more active, leading them to sweat more. People have about 4 million sweat glands. Lovely. Evaporation of sweat from your skin has a cooling effect. But when there’s this much water in the air, your body’s natural HVAC system breaks down. Yeah, I’m fun at parties.

The approach of a meager cool front sets off a few T-storms later today. Think of cumulonimbus as nature’s automatic thermostats. When it gets too hot and humid, storms bubble up, providing temporary cooling.

Spotty storms prowl Minnesota into Thursday, but we may dry out a little Friday into the weekend. After “cooling” into the 80s Tuesday, mid-90s return Wednesday, and right now I see more 90s than 80s the next three weeks.

Men will sweat. Women will glow. Dogs will pant, and our lakes may experience a rush hour!