Below is Wisconsin DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp's statement following a federal judge's ruling Wednesday afternoon that prohibits Chippewa in that state from night hunting of deer with aid of a light, at least until a Dec. 12 hearing.

The Chippewa declared last week, through their Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission, that beginning Monday their band members could hunt deer at night across the northern third of Wiscsonsin with aid of a light "at the point of kill.''.

The DNR  objected and filed suit, saying an earlier federal court ruling prohibited the practice, even though night hunting for coyotes is allowed by the state.

The latest conflict arose after the DNR also allowed night hunting for wolves beginning Monday with aid of a light "at the point of kill.''

Most Wisconsin Chippewa oppose the state's wolf hunt.

Here's Stepp's statement:

“This afternoon Judge Barbara Crabb of the Western District Federal Court ruled that the State may enforce state shining laws against any Chippewa Tribal member hunting deer at night within the Ceded Territory (roughly the northern third of the state) until the preliminary injunction hearing scheduled for Dec. 12 and further order of the court. Chippewa Tribal members have been prohibited from night hunting/shining deer since 1990 in line with a 1989 federal court decision.

“The State is pleased that shining will be prohibited until such time as we can adequately address these issues within the appropriate court setting. We will continue to try to work with the Tribes to resolve this issue.”

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