Josh Robinson called it the most consistent and confidently-played game of his three-year NFL career. But, no, the Vikings' No. 3 cornerback won't be looking to see how Pro Football Focus graded his performance in Sunday's 34-6 season-opening victory at St. Louis.

"No interest," he said. "None whatsoever. I do not care."

Instead, the frequent target of PFF will settle for knowing that he made the pivotal play on a day when the Vikings gave up the second-fewest points in a season opener and went from worst to first in the league in points allowed.

The Vikings led 6-0 when the Rams had the ball at their 19-yard line with 1 minute, 13 seconds left in the first half. Robinson considered driving up on a shorter route, but dropped late and deeper to cover tight end Jared Cook near the sideline instead.

Rams quarterback Shaun Hill must have been fooled because he threw into double coverage, allowing Robinson to leap in front of the taller tight end, grab the ball and get his toes down just in bounds. The play was upheld upon replay review and the Vikings scored a touchdown 48 seconds later.

Hill left the game for good at that point because of a thigh injury and, well, the Rams were pretty much done with No. 2 QB Austin Davis making his NFL debut.

Robinson's pick wasn't the first game-changing play he made. Tight coverage allowed him to stop receiver Brian Quick a yard short of the first down on third-and-8.

Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein missed a 50-yard field goal on the next snap. That switched the field position and led to Blair Walsh making his second field goal for a 6-0 lead.

Robinson's performance came as most, including Pro Football Focus, targeted him as a reason for concern about the team's nickel defense heading into the season. Robinson, of course, was used to frequent criticism, particularly from Pro Football Focus, the increasingly popular website that raised the ire of Vikings coach Mike Zimmer earlier this summer.

"Yeah, definitely, I've heard they don't like me much," Robinson said. "As a player, you don't worry about it. Like Zim said, you know Pro Football Focus don't call the plays, so they don't know what defenses we're in, what schemes we're running and when you're supposed to give up the catch and stuff like that."

Robinson did test Zimmer's patience by sitting out with a lingering hamstring injury during training camp. But Zimmer stayed loyal.

"I have never been disappointed with Josh, other than when he wasn't practicing," Zimmer said. "Josh is a very good athlete. He has a lot of speed."

Robinson, of course, doesn't need Pro Football Focus to remind him that he struggled last year trying to play over the slot in the nickel defense. The role, which he had never performed before last year, was filled when the Vikings signed Captain Munnerlyn during the offseason.

"I was consistent [Sunday], which was different for me," Robinson said. "And more confident. Definitely.

"But that's one thing this coaching staff has put into us. They put a lot of confidence into me and it's helped me get back on my game. I know what I'm supposed to do and how to get the job done."