"It's evidence of the fact that the economic policies of the last eight years have been the worst economic policies we've ever had. As a consequence, you've seen what's happened on Wall Street. If you need any more proof positive of how bad the economic theories have been -- this excess of deregulation, the failure to oversee what was going on, letting Wall Street run wild -- I don't think you needed any more evidence than what you see now. ... We're going to fundamentally change the focus of the economic policy. We're going to focus on the middle class, because when the middle class is growing, the economy grows and everybody does well, not just focus on the wealthy and corporate America."


"The middle class is struggling. Under McCain, 100,000 households get not a single break in taxes. When you [the middle class] do well, America does well. This is not punitive. McCain wants to add tax breaks for the corporations and wealthy. We have a different value set. The middle class deserves the tax breaks."


"John McCain voted against funding for the troops. Let me say that again. John McCain voted against an amendment containing $1 billion, 600 million dollars [for equipment] protecting the governor's son and, pray God, my son and a lot of other sons and daughters."

"[He has been] dead wrong on the fundamental issues relating to the conduct of the war. ... We will end this war. For John McCain, there is no end in sight to end this war."


"I think it's man made. I think it's clearly man made. If you don't understand the problem, then you don't understand the solution. [McCain had voted] "20 times against funding alternative energy sources and thinks, I guess, the only answer is drill, drill, drill -- and in the meantime, we are going to be in real trouble."


"By the way, a record of change -- I will place my record and Barack's record against John McCain's or anyone else in terms of fundamental accomplishments. Wrote the crime bill, put 100,000 cops on the street, wrote the Violence Against Women Act, which John McCain voted against both of them, was the catalyst to change the circumstance in Bosnia, led by President Clinton, obviously.