Short takes

• The Mexican soccer federation repeatedly claims that it can’t do anything to stop the homophobic chants that accompany every goal kick by the opposing goalkeeper, not that the federation has really even tried. In the match against the U.S., participation in the chant by the Mexican fans was nearly universal. Perhaps they could take the lead from Minnesota United, which not only plays a video explaining why the chant is banned before games but also is ready to remove fans who ignore that directive.

• The Premier League coaching carousel is strange at the best of times, but Southampton’s firing of Claude Puel after just one season is hard to understand. The Dutchman took a depleted squad to eighth in the league, as well as reaching the League Cup final — a decent season for any Saints manager. It’s hard to know what Southampton wanted, exactly.

• Cristiano Ronaldo is the latest superstar in Spain to be accused of tax fraud, with authorities charging him with failing to pay $16 million worth of taxes over four years. It’s similar to cases brought against other players, including Lionel Messi, who was convicted and sentenced to 21 months in prison. That sentence, as with many sentences of less than two years in Spain, was suspended.