Post time: 6:30 p.m. Best bet: Give Me The Money (Race 10). Best play: 50-cent Pick 4, Race 7, (All/1,2,4,5,7,8/4,5/1), $48.

1 300 yards. Open. 2-year-olds. Maiden. Purse: $11,500

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Mishtaken (Pinon, Johnson)122/10-1

2: Platinum Returns (Delgado, Hardy)122/2-1

3: Shake Em Strawfly (Bachicha Jr., Johnson)122/12-1

4: Shezalota (Goodwin, Hybsha)122/8-1

5: Lk Fantastic Perk (Velazquez, Olmstead)122/9-2

6: Fire N Ivory (Shepherd, Harris)122/10-1

7: Kanned Heat (Delorme, Frey)122/5-1

8: Eye Blue by You (Klaiber, Pride)122/15-1

9: Bodacious Peach (Swiontek, Livingston)122/12-1

10: Moonit Leader (Hunt, Miller)122/15-1

11: Im Expecting Cash (Flores, McKinley)122/20-1

12: Bottle Up and Go (Delorme, Frey)122/8-1

PLATINUM RETURNS drops a notch after running a strong third at Remington Park last out. Flattered when winner came back to win. LK FANTASTIC PERK got up for show dollars after a hesitant start in her debut. SHEZALOTA lacked late run in debut but might last longer than most think second time out.

2 350 yards. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Allowance. Purse: $14,000

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: The Last Red Hero (S. Ricardo, Hanson)124/6-1

2: Fast Prize Jet (Klaiber, Pride)124/20-1

3: Pollitical Eye Apeal (Delgado, Hardy)124/7-2

4: Tritoon (Velazquez, Olmstead)124/2-1

5: Queen of Caddo (Goodwin, Hybsha)126/10-1

6: Fly First Dash (Shepherd, Harris)124/8-1

7: One Shamless Secret (Delorme, Frey)124/10-1

8: I Put It On Ya (Hunt, Miller)124/15-1

9: Captain Teller (Swiontek, Flores)126/15-1

10: Jess Blue by Ya (Pinon, Johnson)126/8-1

11: Jess Send Me a Rose (Delorme, Frey)124/15-1

TRITOON could prove tough if repeats winning effort in lone start. POLLITICAL EYE APPEAL didn’t agree with the muddy track in his first start of the year. Deserves anther shot with dry surface. FLY FIRST DASH is a consistent runner and has a bullet drill for his Canterbury debut.

3 About 1 mile 70 yards. State bred. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden special weight. Purse: $32,000

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Big Valiant (Evans, McFadden)124/20-1

2: Suddenly Seymour (Ramgeet, Oliver)124/10-1

3: Blues Orbit (Mojica, Rhone)124/8-1

4: Tri Spot (Becerra, Backhaus)124/15-1

5: Sweeping Edge (Butler, Rhone)118/6-1

6: Tekela’s Glory (Goodwin, Rarick)118/15-1

7: Benson Hillbilly (Delorme, Sweere)124/7-2

8: Sweet Spring (Mawing, Peters)118/20-1

9: Divine Mandate (Hernandez, Silva)118/6-1

10: Nik Nak Paddy Wak (Lindsay, Silva)118/20-1

11: He’s a Talker (Loveberry, Robertson)118/4-1

12: Hummin Through (Lopez, Jr., Donlin)124/8-1

TRI SPOT has ample early speed and might come smoking out of the gate. Should try to steal the show on the lead in this extremely wide-open affair at a huge price. HUMMIN THROUGH will be another healthy price, and returns to the turf where he ran his best races last season. BENSON HILLBILLY is your lukewarm morning favorite but kind of difficult to lean his direction with the 0-8 record.

4 About 7 ½ furlongs. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming: $16,000. Purse: $16,000

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Heart of the Run (Mawing, Applegate)124/20-1

2: Schindlers Risk (Sanchez, Schindler)124/20-1

3: Myperfectsoulmate (Delorme, Westermann)124/20-1

4: Big Shorty (Ramgeet, Van Winkle)118/4-1

5: Reno Heat (Evans, Silva)118/10-1

6: Perfect Karma (Loveberry, Robertson)124/8-1

7: Drop the Gloves (Mojica, Rhone)118/6-1

8: Cedar Sage (Butler, Bravo)118/7-2

9: Countach (Shepherd, House)124/12-1

10: Forgot to Forget (Velazquez, Berndt)118/9-2

11: Meeting in Heaven (Hernandez, Gordon)124/12-1

12: Mr. Jerry (Johnson, Litfin)119/20-1

13: Madikwe (Loveberry, Metz)124/15-1

14: Tappin Vegas (Acosta, Diodoro)124/10-1

15: Bedo Bedo Bedo (Mawing, Swan)118/15-1

16: Ya Antabttsy (Ramgeet, Kumke)124/7-2

BIG SHORTY cuts back in distance after fading late on the lead last out at Turf Paradise. Expect to be dedicated to the front and bid to lead the field to the wire. FORGOT TO FORGET has a slight class edge and will try running on the grass for the first time today. Looks every bit a top contender in the surface switch. CEDAR SAGE is another first timer on the lawn. Was going to try the turf experiment last out but race was taken off the lawn due to rain. COUNTACH and SCHINDERS RISK will be disciplined to the rear of the field with one late surge.

5 About 7 ½ furlongs. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming: $10,000. Purse: $17,000

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Callingahardten (Butler, Lund)120/8-1

2: Dually Affirmed (Ramgeet, Ramgeet)120/10-1

3: Nutty Futty (Mawing, Gordon)120/10-1

4: Ragged Edge (Escobar, Broberg)120/6-1

5: Aroney (Mojica, Rengstorf)120/8-1

6: Sam’s Silver Star (Sanchez, Rengstorf)120/15-1

7: Sheer Trick (Hernandez, Sheehan)120/15-1

8: Lil’ Apollo (Delorme, Bolinger)120/20-1

9: Foolhardy (Lindsay, Bethke)120/20-1

10: Tribal Money (Shepherd, Rarick)120/10-1

11: Bourbon Happens (Acosta, Sharp)120/4-1

12: Pilatus (Velazquez, Berndt)120/7-2

13: Iver With an E (Shepherd, Litfin)120/20-1

14: Undesided (Johnson, House)115/15-1

15: Yes by Gold (Mawing, Sheehan)120/20-1

16: Jerrys Two Tickets (Butler, Rhone)120/10-1

BOURBON HAPPENS has faced much better out of state and is strictly the one to beat if takes a fondness to the Canterbury sod. CALLINGAHARDTEN usually gets in the money gimmicks for trainer Valerie Lund. Expect to be departing late and getting involved in the scramble when things unfold. PILATUS comes off the six month layoff after winning while sprinting on the Hawthorne lawn.

6 6 furlongs. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming: $6,250. Purse: $10,500

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Leartes (Mojica, Fields)124/12-1

2: Promising Shoes (Goodwin, Hornsby)119/12-1

3: Final Deed (Shepherd, Heitzmann)124/10-1

4: Carson’s Storm (Canchari, Canchari)124/10-1

5: Wildcard (Delorme, Riecken)124/20-1

6: Secret Revealed (Hernandez, Gordon)124/12-1

7: Logan’s Heroe (Delgado, Silva)124/15-1

8: Cindy Sails Away (Sanchez, Anderson)124/20-1

9: Caleb’s Courage (Keith, Biehler)119/8-1

10: Omaha Hurry (Loveberry, Robertson)124/4-1

11: Smarty Party Papa (Velazquez, Berndt)124/3-1

12: Batkid (Lindsay, Cornier)124/6-1

SMARTY PARTY PAPA drops to lowest level of his career with decent early speed, and should be involved when the bell sounds. OMAHA HURRY too drops to lowest level while tackling softer. Should stay within striking range when the race gets interesting down stretch alley. CALEB’S COURAGE broke his maiden in his fifth attempt last out and looks to keep the streak continuing with a lot of upside.

7 6½ furlongs. Fillies and mares. 3-year-olds and up. Waiver claiming: $6,250. Purse: $10,500

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Seneca Sally (Hernandez, Gordon)119/10-1

2: Hurricane Mary (Butler, McShane)124/12-1

3: Look Out Baby (Velazquez, Berndt)119/3-1

4: Cougar Creek (Goodwin, Brinson)119/6-1

5: Pure Music (Acosta, Tracy)124/8-1

6: Silky Lady (Mojica, Rengstorf)124/5-2

7: Hit It Up (Mawing, Silva)119/7-2

8: Nomorehappy (Shepherd, Miller)124/12-1

SILKY LADY finally broke her maiden in her 18th fling three weeks back, and might be loaded with confidence to get back-to-back wins. LOOK OUT BABY was very game in getting her first win last out, holding on stubbornly as the favorite. HIT IT UP drops in class after aiming too high last out and finishing off the board.

8 5½ furlongs. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Waiver claiming: $20,000. Purse: $19,000

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Preacher Time (Mojica, Bravo)119/8-1

2: Sir Navigator (Gallardo, Robertson)124/5-2

3: One Last Knight (Joubert, Hanson)119/15-1

4: Big Tufff Z (Acosta, Diodoro)119/8-1

5: Sladens Dream (Loveberry, Smith)124/6-1

6: Mina Lake (Velazquez, Van Winkle)124/10-1

7: Lipan (Ramgeet, Diodoro)119/3-1

8: Hurricane Force (Lindsay, Bethke)119/4-1

SIR NAVIGATOR drops in for a tag to begin the 2017 campaign out of the Robertson barn. Ran decent enough in allowance races last year and has a steady stream of works coming in. LIPAN is a alert gate breaker and should be knocking heads early with his rivals up front. Tired late in last two starts at Oaklawn, but maybe new surroundings will help keep her legs going. HURRICANE FORCE is a must use shipping up from Keeneland as a new acquisition for the Troy Bethke stable.

9 1 mile 70 yards. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Starter optional claiming: $5,000. Purse: $14,500

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Hansboro (Velazquez, Sweere)124/15-1

2: Leavinglosangeles (Hernandez, Gordon)124/9-2

3: Voodoo Storm (Loveberry, Metz)124/8-1

4: Mojo Street (Acosta, Diodoro)124/9-5

5: Vacanza (Mojica, Litfin)124/3-1

6: Misdeed (Mawing, Silva)124/6-1

7: Sea Treaty (Sanchez, Padilla)124/6-1

MOJO STREET will be deserving favorite after rallying late from far back and winning going away last out. VACANZA will be stretching out to two turns after consecutive victories sprinting. Additional yardage shouldn’t be a issue. MISDEED won his first start on the local track on opening weekend, but will have to step it up a notch to stay 100 percent on the Canterbury track.

10 1 mile. Fillies and mares. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden claiming: $6,250. Purse: $10,500

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Give Me the Money (Velazquez, Berndt)118/9-5

2: Creative Doux (Escobar, Rhone)118/6-1

3: Kenzie’s Logic (Evans, Bethke)124/15-1

4: Moon Blossom (Acosta, Sharp)118/2-1

5: Vita Luna (Klaiber, Weidner)119/10-1

6: She’s a Genius (Joubert, Hanson)124/15-1

7: Remember Magic (Ramgeet, Diodoro)118/4-1

GIVE ME THE MONEY just missed last race at 6½ furlongs and might be screaming for the additional distance to break her maiden. MOON BLOSSOM drops for over half the price shipping up from the Fair Grounds for the Joe Sharp barn. CREATIVE DOUX is a new shooter with a solid work tab for Bernell Rhone.