Post time: 6:30 p.m. Best bet: Biltmore Boogie (9th Race). Best play: 50 cent-Pick 4, Race 7, (All/3,4,5,6,7/3/3,6), $55.

1 350 yards. State bred. Open.1 3-year-olds and up. Optional claiming: $25,000. Purse: $17,500.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: V Os Filo (Montoya, Hardy)124/2-1

2: Fishin in the Brook (Clark, Jr., Miller)126/5-1

3: Streak N Diamonds (Clark, Haglund)124/8-1

4: Dashing Good Reason (Martinez, Harris)124/8-1

5: Little Bit Brandy (Smith, Johnson)126/3-1

6: Irish Brew (Swiontek, Livingston)126/7-2

V Os FILO beat most of today’s rivals last out in stakes race with strong driving kick. DASHING GOOD REASON looks for revenge after finishing third behind top pick. IRISH BREW could prove tough if regains last year’s form.

2 300 yards. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming: $5,000. Purse: $8,250.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Salty Ocean (Cruz, Laymon)124/9-2

2: Hopes Beauty (Smith, Barnes)124/5-1

3: High Chance Jess (Clark, Jr., Miller)126/15-1

4: Apollitical Flight (Swiontek, Livingston)126/10-1

5: Better Dig Two (Torres, Frey)124/3-1

6: Gentlemens Daughter (Goodwin, Frey)126/2-1

7: Alotta Brimmer (Delorme, Johnson)124/8-1

BETTER DIG TWO was ridden out as the favorite last out and looks to repeat with added distance. SALTY OCEAN drops in class shipping up from Remington Park. GENTLEMENS DAUGHTER has run for show honors last two out.

3 About 1 mile 70 yards. Fillies and mares. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming: $7,500. Purse: $14,500.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Miz Owell (Velazquez, Brinson)121/5-2

2: She’s Mighty Fast (Delorme, Padilla)119/8-1

3: Lauren’s Powerplay (McNeil, Spencer)119/10-1

4: The Real McCoy (Butler, Sheehan)119/20-1

5: Hugsforhennyhall (P. Canchari, Oliver)119/15-1

6: Warrensmysterydice (Coddington, Hop)119/12-1

7: Tactical Girl (Franco, Sweere)119/6-1

8: Ebony Elegance (Escobar, LaZarre)119/20-1

9: Pink Lipgloss (Mojica, Silva)119/10-1

10: Emma Lea’s Song (A. Canchari, Herb)119/5-1

11: Sweet Tango (Bethke, Bethke)119/6-1

MIZ OWELL will try to return to the winner’s circle for the third time in a row with her late closing kick for the Canterbury Racing Club. SWEET TANGO might come out firing from the outside post with Scott Bethke aboard to grab the lead and go as far as they can. TACTICAL GIRL exits six length win on the main track and has flashed ability with previous turf efforts. LAUREN’S POWERPLAY looks to turn things around with the plunge in class.

4 About 7½ furlongs. Fillies and mares. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden claiming: $20,000. Purse: $14,500.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Ladybug’s Holiday (Castro, Brinson)118/20-1

2: Fair Winds Rose (Escobar, Sweere)118/15-1

3: Orphan Shoes (McNeil, Rengstorf)123/12-1

4: Break In (Franco, Rhone)123/12-1

5: Gogogio (Delorme, Padilla)118/5-2

6: Havingnoequal (Rosier, Lund)123/3-1

7: Arizona Ranger (Clark, McFarlane)118/8-1

8: Rudys Cabello (Butler, McShane)118/8-1

9: Graling (Ramgeet, Diodoro)118/6-1

10: Mija Toni (Cruz, Sweere)123/20-1

11: Elody (Goodwin, Rodriguez-Guzman)118/20-1

RUDYS CABELLO returns to the turf after dropping out of last effort on the main track after a rough break from the gate. Ran for minor awards two back on the lawn and gets positive jockey switch. GOGOGIO has been third best last two out but might of found the ideal spot to move forward. GRALING attempts turf for the first time with her quick turn of foot and most likely is the one to catch to get the win.

5 About 7½ furlongs. State bred. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden claiming: $50,000. Purse: $23,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Where’s Jordan (Clark, Peters)119/8-1

2: Somerset Bear (Escobar, Rhone)123/12-1

3: Hummin Through (Delorme, Donlin)123/8-1

4: Zero (Mojica, Rhone)123/12-1

5: Xans Storm (Lopez, Jr., Hanson)119/15-1

6: Berry Smart (A. Canchari, Shaw)119/15-1

7: Demis Lil’ Star (Dieguez, Silva)123/20-1

8: Darrenator (Butler, Rhone)119/2-1

9: Teddy Time (Martinez, Robertson)119/7-2

10: Not Allowed (Castro, McKinley)123/15-1

11: Tri Spot (Becerra, Backhaus)119/20-1

12: Musical Marshall (Carreno, Silva)123/20-1

DARRENATOR lone turf effort stands out on paper over his opponents and reprise of that effort should get his picture taken. TEDDY TIME broke slowly in lone start and to follow up with a wide trip throughout. Should improve second time out with clean start for the Robertson barn. HUMMIN THROUGH, WHERE’S JORDAN and SOMERSET BEAR are price plays who could land underneath for fatty payouts with your horizontal wagers.

6 5 furlongs. State bred. Open. 2-year-olds. Maiden special weight. Purse: $32,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Socrates Creation (Goodwin, Silva)118/4-1

2: Joe Money (A. Canchari, Silva)118/4-1

3: Randys Little Andy (Velazquez, Rengstorf)118/7-2

4: Chaska (Ramgeet, Lund)118/10-1

5: Back Alley Warrior (Keith, Biehler)118/9-2

6: A J’s Angel (Delorme, Rengstorf)118/8-1

7: Nik Nak Paddy Wak (Carreno, Silva)118/12-1

8: Mister Mambo (Becerra, Backhaus)118/15-1

9: Five Star Creek (McNeil, Rarick)118/10-1

A couple of wide open maiden races to kick off the Pick 5. RANDYS LITTLE ANDY only supports four morning works with his launching into racing but doing them in impressive fashion. SOCRATES CREATION does have the advantage of having a race under his belt and has been freshened up since. JOE MONEY and A J’s ANGEL are two other first timers that have been training smartly for their debut.

7 5 furlongs. State bred. Fillies. 2-year-olds. Maiden special weight. Purse: $32,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Ryan and Madison (Goodwin, Scherer)118/8-1

2: Seynatawnee (Butler, Bravo)118/9-2

3: Wild Ale (Mojica, Bravo)118/6-1

4: U S Express (A. Canchari, Broberg)118/5-2

5: Fashion Tour (McNeil, Rarick)118/12-1

6: Princess Sunrise (Dieguez, Silva)118/6-1

7: Hi Lo Silver (Delorme, Silva)118/20-1

8: R J’s Silver Syd (Martinez, Litfin)118/20-1

9: Double Bee Sting (Ramgeet, Rengstorf)118/10-1

10: Flowers for Teagan (Rosier, Litfin)118/15-1

11: Blossom Dearie (Velazquez, Scherer)118/12-1

PRINCESS SUNRISE got off a tad slow in debut but recovered and prompted the pace to finish for place honors. U S EXPRESS too ran second best in first career start and should look at that race as educational moving forward. DOUBLE BEE STING shows a scalding bullet drill in her training and could be the one the field is chasing out of the gate.

8 1 mile. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden special weight. Purse: $28,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Be Real Quiet (Lopez, Jr., McFadden)118/20-1

2: Team Fireball (Ramgeet, Ramgeet)118/6-1

3: Express River (Butler, Bravo)118/7-2

4: The Saint (Franco, Smith)118/9-2

5: Crown Me Royal (A. Canchari, Riecken)118/8-1

6: Haywire (Delorme, Van Winkle)118/10-1

7: Vilify (Velazquez, Brinson)118/9-5

8: The Checotah Kid (Goodwin, Riecken)123/15-1

VILIFY has been training well locally for his Canterbury debut shipping up from Oaklawn Park. Expect to gather momentum late with anticipated quick fractions in front of him. HAYWIRE had best effort on the off track two back and anything close to that performance gets him a paycheck. THE SAINT ran career best speed figure last out and enters with a lot of upside.

9 6 furlongs. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming: $4,000. Purse: $10,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Corporate Charlie (Bethke, Bethke)123/12-1

2: Jokers Appeal (Clark, Holdaway)123/12-1

3: Biltmore Boogie (Ramgeet, Diodoro)123/4-5

4: Redneck Richie (Lopez, Jr., Cole)123/6-1

5: Mojave Secret (Mojica, Turco)123/8-1

6: Outoftheclouds (Butler, Bolinger)123/10-1

7: Startingold (Delorme, Bolinger)123/5-1

BILTMORE BOOGIE ships in from the west coast as a new purchased for Robertino Diodoro. Has strong class edge and looks to bounce back after failing miserably as the chalk at Santa Anita last out. MOJAVE SECRET could cause some early problems for the favorite with his speed but trust factor isn’t there to carry to stretch run. STARTINGOLD wheels back after six days from route to sprint, obvious danger to close late if things get to heated up front.

10 1 mile 70 yards. Fillies and mares. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming: $6,250. Purse: $10,500.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Blame Us (Franco, Biehler)118/6-1

2: Only One Wish (Rosier, Sharp)118/3-1

3: Sham’s Shoes (Mojica, Rengstorf)118/5-2

4: Rhi On the Run (Goodwin, Tubbs)123/10-1

5: Aura’s Star (Goodwin, Thompson)123/20-1

6: Manhattan Cat (A. Canchari, Robertson)123/9-5

7: Correspondence (Lopez, Jr., McFadden)123/20-1

MANHATTAN CAT drops to cheaper version off the turf after failing to fire against tougher at Arlington Park. Trainer Robertson knows where spot his runners to turn things around. SHAM’S SHOES attempts routing for the first time in her brief career after a five length win sprinting. BLAME US also takes class drop off the lawn and is a legitimate contender for win honors.