Post time: 1:30 p.m. Best bet: Molly McCracken (6th race). Best play: 50-cent Pick 4 (5th race): 3,5,6,7,9,10/4/2,3,5,6,7/1,2,4,8, $60.00.

1 1 mile, 70 yards. State-bred. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden claiming $25,000. Purse: $16,100.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Demis Lil' Star (Martin, Rampadarat)123/7-2

2: Stormy Ledger (Vergara, Lund)123/3-1

3: Hall of Justice (Olesiak, Fauchald)123/12-1

4: Ghazablanca (Canchari, McKinley)123/12-1

5: L G Suprem (Butler, Fauchald)123/9-2

6: Let Da Cowboy Rock (Hernandez, Donlin)113/10-1

7: Luxury and Glitter (Velazquez, Sweere)123/2-1

DEMIS LIL' STAR came with late charge in the slop in return race to get up for third. Should get ground-saving trip second time out off the rail in closing. LUXURY AND GLITTER was noncommittal last out and needs to find form from two back when he landed place honors after leading briefly down the stretch. L G SUPREM stretches out to two turns for career first; should be battling up front early.

2 6 furlongs. 3-year-olds and up. Allowance. Purse: $27,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Great Exuma (Canchari, Riecken)123/8-1

2: Two Guns (Butler, Bravo)119/5-1

3: Limo (Stevens, Robertson)123/3-1

4: Thatlleaveamark (Rivera, Van Winkle)123/3-1

5: Two Left Shoes (Velazquez, Scherer)123/5-1

6: Won Fast Bullet (Martin, Scherer)123/5-2

THATLLEAVEAMARK should find himself on the lead from the start with good early speed but will have to fend off some strong pursuers to get the win. TWO GUNS ran five wide to narrowly miss hitting the board in last. Should show improvement in return and has ability to place high if so chooses by jockey Butler. WON FAST BULLET ships up from Churchill and exits a poorly run race so look for better effort today.

3 About 5 furlongs. Turf. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming $7,500. Purse: $14,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Patriate (Trimble, Johnson)119/6-1

2: Dalamar (Bell, McKenzie)119/8-1

3: Sugar Storm (Butler, Rengstorf)119/8-1

4: Schillerthekiller (Canchari, Rarick)119/4-1

5: Flaming Glory (Goodwin, Shryock)119/20-1

6: Maj'r Ruler (Eikleberry, Silva)119/8-1

7: Bullet From Abroad (Franco, Dini)119/7-2

8: Aurorin Shot (Shaw, Johnson)119/12-1

9: Marathon Moon (Delorme, Bends)119/10-1

10: Silver Rock Star (Keith, Perez)119/8-1

11: Frankie Dapper (Olesiak, Wekseth)119/15-1

SUGAR STORM has ability to sit off the expected heated pace and take over as he did last out on the dirt, winning by four lengths. Newly claimed SCHILLERTHEKILLER was a well-bet disappointment in dirt sprint last out. Might enjoy returning to the grass today. BULLET FROM ABROAD comes off a two-year hiatus, before which he faced tons better and was usually a contender.

4 6 furlongs. Fillies and mares. 3-year-olds and up. Allowance optional claiming $25,000. Purse: $29,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: La Pinot (Franco, Diodoro)119/9-5

2: Feisty Flirt (Stevens, Green)119/12-1

3: Satan's Mistress (Delorme, Miller)119/8-1

4: Do Dat Blues (Martin, Scherer)119/7-2

5: Hidden Gold (Butler, Bravo)119/9-2

6: Dolly Peach (Canchari, Scherbenske)119/5-2

LA PINOT should come out firing off the speed bias rail as lone front-runner; was second-best last out. DOLLY PEACH exits troubled stakes race at Arlington Park and should get perfect outside stalking trip with hot jockey Canchari. DO DAT BLUES and HIDDEN GOLD are strong considerations for win honors.

5 About 7½ furlongs. Turf. Fillies and mares. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden special weight. Purse: $25,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Prairie Lake (Goodwin, Donlin)119/10-1

2: Sweet Soul Sister (Hernandez, Silva)118/15-1

3: Bluegrass Lucy (Canchari, Brinson)119/3-1

4: Andrea's Josie (Martin, McKinley)123/15-1

5: Raise the Bar (Shepherd, Berndt)119/8-1

6: The Grans (Vergara, Lund)123/4-1

7: Bitter Tears (Rhone, Arterburn)123/5-1

8: Rio Bello (Ochoa, Berndt)123/15-1

9: Golden Encore (Butler, Bravo)123/6-1

10: Daring Ride (Eikleberry, Padilla)119/8-1

BITTER TEARS should enjoy the cutback in distance with her front-running style to lead the field to the wire as the one to catch. BLUEGRASS LUCY has been knocking on the door with a couple of runner-up finishes and rough trips. Should enjoy distance relief today. GOLDEN ENCORE set the pace last out before fading at Lone Star Park with apprentice aboard. Gets positive jockey switch to Butler.

6 6½ furlongs. State-bred. Fillies and mares. Claiming $7,500. Purse: $10,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Chile Win (Luark, Miller)123/5-1

2: Lady Driver (Goodwin, Donlin)123/10-1

3: Cinder Ellie (Shaw, Oliver)123/15-1

4: Molly McCracken (Canchari, Wolff)123/2-1

5: Silent Copy (Hernandez, Kirby)118/12-1

6: Golden Dahar (Canchari, McKinley)123/15-1

7: Souper Four (Eikleberry, Donlin)123/7-2

8: Love for Lori (Olesiak, C. Smith)123/4-1

9: Siften Gold Nugget (Rivera, Peters)123/15-1

MOLLY McCRACKEN had contaminated start last out but overcame it, getting up for second as the favorite. Should prove tough today with clean break. SOUPER FOUR possesses early speed but has habit of late fade. Good to see Eikleberry staying at the helm. CHILE WIN drops a level and could surprise starting from the rail.

7 About 1 mile, 70 yards. Turf. Fillies and mares. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming $20,000. Purse: $18,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Wonder Country (Shepherd, Berndt)123/15-1

2: Candy Paint (Hernandez, Burgess)118/6-1

3: Cabinets Included (Goodwin, Brueggemann)118/9-2

4: Brassy Touch (Escobar, Ibarra)118/8-1

5: Mingun's Peaches (Goodwin, Rengstorf)123/15-1

6: Adonica (Keith, Biehler)118/6-1

7: Pleasant Life (Bell, Hanson)123/5-1

8: Sajani (Canchari, Brinson)123/20-1

9: Ridgeofstone (Trimble, Berg)123/10-1

10: Sapphire Sue (Meier, Donlin)123/15-1

11: She's the Cat (Rhone, Arterburn)123/6-1

12: Ryan's Miracle (Vergara, Lund)123/12-1

13: Aaron's Belt (Martin, Weir)123/12-1

14: Chena Miss (Butler, Bravo)118/10-1

15: Designed to Run (Franco, Silva)123/15-1

16: Margo's Delight (Rivera, Brinson)123/5-1

CABINETS INCLUDED exits a win with first attempt on the grass. Still has room for development for Midwest Thoroughbreds. PLEASANT LIFE is usually in the mix but hasn't won on the turf in two years. ADONICA will try getting on the turf once again after last two attempts were taken off because of rain. Won two back with late close with Lori Keith aboard.

8 350 yards. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden claiming $7,500. Purse: $7,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Obakaby Annie (Ruiz, Sharp)124/7-2

2: Eyesa Lajolla (Suarez Ricardo, Hanson)124/4-1

3: A Lil Diva (Luark, Blair)126/5-1

4: Papa Wheely (Shaw, Clevenger)126/5-1

5: Soxx a Blazin (C. Smith, Blair)126/6-1

6: Red Sapphire Runaway (Von Rosen, Hanson)124/10-1

7: Big Kick Mick (Fennell, Clevenger)124/10-1

8: Stockton Hill (Goodwin, Brinson)124/9-2

EYESA LOJOLLA missed as the favorite last out to get up late for place honors. OBAKABY ANNIE has room for development if avoids troubled starts. STOCKTON HILL runs first race of the year for new Brinson barn with bullet drills in training.

9 300 yards. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming $10,000. Purse: $10,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Colosso (Swiontek, Livingston)126/10-1

2: Cy Captain Tom (S. Smith, Clay)124/7-2

3: One Famous Blossom (Buening, Taylor)124/8-1

4: Callme Cash (Eikleberry, Harris)126/4-1

5: Teller Im Out (Delorme, Haglund)126/9-2

6: Ivory Celebration (Shaw, Johnson)126/6-1

7: Seis Got Zoom (Torres, Weidner)124/12-1

8: The Sizzling Cartel (C. Smith, Hunt)124/3-1

THE SIZZLING CARTEL ran a strong second and lost by a neck at this distance in last effort. CY CAPTAIN TOM has been getting better each race and is coming off a strong win. TELLER IM OUT and CALLME CASH both come off solid runs last out and are major contenders.

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