John Travolta delivered another hefty dose of awkwardness during this year's Oscars.

The 61-year-old actor set social media on fire when he ambushedScarlett Johanssonwith a kiss on the cheek during the red carpet pre-show.

Johansson was posing for photographs when Travolta snuck up from behind, put his hand on her waist and planted a kiss on her cheek. The act clearly surprised Johanssonand, judging from social media reactions, apparently made fans watching at home uncomfortable as well.

Things got worse when Travolta later took the stage along with Idina Menzel to present the Oscar for Best Song.

Last year, Travolta's famously butchered Menzel's name introducing the "Frozen" singer as "Adele Dazeem."

Though he was able to pronounce her name correctly this time, TravoltaawkwardlypinchedMenzel'scheeks before grabbing her face — all on stage.

This had the Broadway star startled as she quipped: "It's not like it's going to follow me around for the rest of my life."

The exchange ignited some of the night's funniest tweets:

John Travolta appears to have been cosplaying as Astroboy.

— Max Landis (@Uptomyknees) February 23, 2015

Grabby things less creepy than John Travolta.

— Rob Lazar (@theroblazar) February 23, 2015

OSCAR FACT: John Travolta's wig is a sentient being with its own wants and needs. It is a level 5 Thetan.

— Fun_Beard (@Fun_Beard) February 23, 2015

Hey john travolta can you be in our next music video and just touch our cheeks and dress like a weird hip hop scientology priest? Thanks bye

— WATERS (@thisisWATERS) February 23, 2015

John travolta like

— Nurse Normal (@darned_sock) February 23, 2015

ScarJo = HOT @ #Oscars2015. Giving Travolta the side-eye= Comedy. @eonline #EStyleCollective

— Alicia Quarles (@alicialquarles) February 23, 2015

John Travolta just can't stop being weird at the #Oscars

— Page Six (@PageSix) February 23, 2015

"@cityofbatch: I wonder if John Travolta is wanting to break out into song from grease whilst looking at benedict"

Watch the Travolta-Menzel moment here.

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