It's the great merchandising opportunity, Charlie BrownLindsay Lohan is in trouble for -


Oh, never mind. Let us declare this a Lohan-free zone until she turns her life around in the middle of the mess or turns her car around in the middle of the highway. Here’s something that’s been around for a day, but it’s Friday, and things are winding down at PopCrush World HQ.


Backstory: It’s possible to make a living full-time as an artist, and if you’re really successful you can pass the business along to your children. They won’t have to draw a thing; they’ll spend all their time in court defending your work, or arguing with siblings about how to slice up the corpse. From this week alone:

Newspaper publisher E.W. Scripps Co. is selling licensing rights for Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the "Peanuts" gang to Iconix Brand Group Inc., the licensing company that owns Joe Boxer and London Fog.

This doesn’t mean Snoopy will be skulking around in a trenchcoat Here’s the world famous corporate shill behind enemy lines. No one need ever draw another strip again ever. and that firehose will continue to gush the bucks for years to come. The sale price: $175 million, but that includes other properties, like Raggedy Ann. Not a lot of business for Ann lately, although given her curious past history as an anti-vaccination spokesperson - really - perhaps Jenny McCarthy could license her for something.  In other news:

The family that owns rights to Alvin and the Chipmunks has sued 20th Century Fox, claiming it is owed "half of all profits" from last year's megahit "The Squeakquel."

These guys have been suing everyone for years to get control of the Chipmunks, and make sure whoever has the license is out there every day beating the bushes for marketing opportunities. You can’t blame them. Do you know how much money the two CGI Chipmunks movies made so far? $803 million. Yes.  True. That's almost $300 million per chipmunk. That's almost a billion dollars for a story based on clever rodents and a guy who shouts ALVIN. 


This one has been grinding on forever, and concerns an illustrator most famous for Conan-type characters wrangling dragons:

The Frazetta family feud is over. World-renowned fantasy artist Frank Frazetta Sr. of Marshalls Creek, who has been embroiled in a legal battle with his son, Alfonso Frank Frazetta Jr., agreed to drop a trademark infringement lawsuit against Frank Jr. The Frazetta reconciliation will make a criminal case against Frank Jr. disappear as well. Frank Jr. was charged Dec. 9, 2009, with stealing 90 of his father's paintings — worth about $20 million — housed in the family museum near Marshalls Creek. Frank Jr. said he was trying to inventory and secure the paintings for his father and that he had to use a backhoe to gain entry to the museum.

Next month: the marketing rights for Fred Bassett are sold for $100 million. “It’s an excellent price for an undervalued property with great world-wide appeal,” said Tom Petters from a jail cell somewhere.

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