With the presidential campaign winding up in, oh, a little more than a year from now, Jimmy Kimmel polled a group of citizens who are seldom heard from on political matters on Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live”: Children.

During a segment titled “Kimmel Kids: Out of Focus Group,” Kimmel gathered a group of tots and showed them pictures of the current candidates in search of opinions. The responses were shocking.

Shown a photo of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, the debate was fierce. Two of the children noted that she has been called “very nice” and “very sharing.”

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A third child had a less flattering assessment: “I knew that she’s an old lady, almost … I think she is 91.”


Next, a picture of GOP candidate Donald Trump.

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“Who’s this guy. Do you know?” Kimmel quizzed his focus group.

George Clooney?” one child answered.

George Clooney?” Kimmel shot back. “No, this is not George Clooney, but he’ll be very happy to hear you say that.”

Bernie Sanders drew the sharpest reactions from the assembled children.

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“I don’t want him to be president, because he looks very old, and he looks like this year he’s gonna die,” one little girl assessed.

A young man in the group, however, offered a differing point of view, saying that Sanders looks like “he still knows stuff and he reads books.”

Bernie Sanders: He still knows stuff and he reads books. Sure would look good a bumper sticker.

Watch the video.