Who should the Vikings fear in the playoffs? After what happened on Sunday, I have no idea.

The Packers? While playing two straight games at Lambeau does not sound enticing, the Packers are a damaged, vulnerable team. The right question might be: Can the Packers beat these Vikings twice in eight days?

Washington? Just because the NFC East has been a punchline all season doesn't mean the division champs are right now. With DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garcon and Jordan Reed, and a surprisingly accurate Kirk Cousins, Washington has a dynamic deep passing game.

The Seahawks? A few days ago I would have said they were the scariest team in the league. But they couldn't run the ball or pass block against St. Louis.

I would argue that at the moment the Vikings' best matchup would be at home against Seattle. It would be at home, and the Vikings would have plenty of incentive to beat the Seahawks after being embarrassed by them in November.

Check back next Monday for a completely different scenario, and a completely different set of guesses.

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