Not done yet?

Jerry Sloan declared "I'm not looking for another job" when he resigned in February as Utah's coach after 23 seasons there, but he hasn't necessarily retired for good.

Sloan would listen if another team approached him, according to a source who has spoken to Sloan recently, and would seriously consider the right situation. But he won't actively seek another job or have anyone campaign for him. Almost alone among NBA coaches, Sloan, who turned 69 a week ago, doesn't have an agent.

And the winner is ...

This week's Sports Illustrated's poll asked 152 players who's the best flopper in the game. The "winners:" Cleveland's injured Anderson Varejao (22 percent), San Antonio's Manu Ginobili (18 percent) and Houston's Luis Scola (7 percent).

Cleaning up?

Los Angeles-raised Tyson Chandler predicts an NBA franchise will thrive in Orange County -- if indeed the Kings do move from Sacramento to Anaheim. "I've always said that if a team gets to Anaheim, they're going to clean up because it's two different worlds," he said. "People in Orange County don't like coming to L.A. and people in L.A. do not like to come to Orange County."

The essence of Dirk

The subject came up when the Mavericks last month visited Philadelphia, where a statue of a triumphant Rocky stood outside the old Spectrum arena. So what kind of pose will Dirk Nowitzki strike when they erect a statue someday outside of American Airlines Center. "Probably in a defensive crouch," he said, unable to keep a straight face. "Or maybe blocking a shot."