Like a lot of his teammates, Timberwolves guard Jeff Teague is adjusting to the fast pace the Wolves want to play at this season. 

For now, he'd prefer if he wasn't on the floor for extended periods of time just so he can catch his breath. 
"I like playing shorter stints," Teague said. "I didn’t play basketball all summer, so the thing for me is just trying to get rust off and trying to build my endurance. ... I’m still a little ways behind everybody else. Shorter stints are probably better for me."

Teague, who picked up the $19 million option for the final year of his contract, was referring to the left ankle debridement procedure he underwent in April to help clean up a nagging injury that plagued him much of last season. 

But when asked if he felt fully healthy outside of his conditioning, Teague, 31, revealed he might not be: "I feel OK. I don’t think I’ll ever be 100 percent, but I feel OK."

Teague's fit in the new-look Wolves bears monitoring as the Wolves open the season, and so does his health as he attempts to regain the form he had that made him an All-Star prior to coming to the Wolves. 

Teague played in just 42 games last season, a career low, and averaged 12.1 points and 8.2 assists per game.