Jeanette Trompeter/courtesy of WCCO

WCCO anchor Jeanette Trompeter may no longer live in the Twin Cities, but she hasn't completely cut her ties to the area. Trompeter, who currently works in California, has started Ruby Shoes Wine Club, a business that recommends wines from the Central Coast.

"I have had a lot of Minnesotans contact me about helping with their vacation plans to visit California, and when I steered them to this area of the state, they all said they couldn't believe how beautiful it was," Trompeter said. "So I started thinking about a way to expose the friends I met there to this sort of undiscovered stretch of California."

Members of the club, which launched earlier this month, will receive quarterly selections personally selected by Trompeter. She's also blogging about wine at the club's website,

You can share some vino with Trompeter at a local launch party this Thursday from 5-7 p.m. at Urban Eatery on Lake Calhoun, 2730 W. Lake St.