It doesn’t seem right for a man to do this to another man and walk away with three points instead of in handcuffs, but that is in fact the story of what happened Wednesday night between the Rockets’ James Harden and former Timberwolves first round draft pick Wes Johnson, now with the Clippers. Let’s just take a look before we go any further:

So not only does Harden send Johnson tumbling to the ground with a combination of strength and deceptiveness, but he then also STARES AT JOHNSON while he’s helpless on the court before burying a three-pointer.

For his part, Harden said he was just, you know, wondering what Johnson was doing.

Regardless, that’s some cold-blooded stuff, and Twitter responded accordingly with all the correct memes and reactions.

Leave it to Skip Bayless, of course, to usher in the nonsense contrarian take:

The Rockets went on to win the game 105-92. By all accounts, Johnson is in fact still alive.

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