bridgewaterLet’s go back to July 24 for a moment. It’s the middle of summer. You don’t have a [redacted] care in the world.

Wait, I’m getting off track.

The Vikings. Yes, the Vikings. Look at the offense, OK?

Just on the offensive line: Phil Loadholt hasn’t retired yet. Mike Harris’ season-threatening illness hasn’t been reported yet. John Sullivan hasn’t yet been cut. Starting tackles Matt Kalil and Andre Smith haven’t been placed on injured reserve.

Teddy Bridgewater is still the healthy starting quarterback.

Adrian Peterson is still the healthy starting running back.

Laquon Treadwell is still the supposed savior at wide receiver, or at least a presumed big part of the immediate offensive future.

Norv Turner is the offensive coordinator.

All of those things changed in barely three months. Treadwell could still change back. The rest are pretty concrete for 2016.

The most recent of the changes, of course, was Turner’s resignation Wednesday. The struggles of this offense go beyond 2016, but just look at that list: five potential starting offensive linemen, including the left and right tackle. The starting quarterback. The starting running back. A first-round WR pick.

Not a single one of them is helping the offense right now. There are no excuses in the NFL, but there are explanations. That’s a lot to overcome, and now it’s no longer Turner’s problem.

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