Do you have a garden that's looking gorgeous? Or do you have a friend, relative or neighbor who tends a garden that you admire?

Now that the growing season is underway, it's time to help your favorite gardener get the glory they deserve — by nominating their garden in our annual Beautiful Gardens contest.

Every year, the Sunday Homes section seeks out the best residential gardens, then publishes the winners throughout the non-gardening months. Each winning garden will be showcased in the Star Tribune and online at

The garden can be big or small; urban, suburban or rural; edible, ornamental or both and located anywhere in Minnesota or western Wisconsin.

It's easy to nominate a garden. Just send a few snapshots (they can be from last year), along with a brief description of the garden. Please include: who tends the garden, where it's located, what makes it special and a few photos.

Photos don't have to be of professional quality, but be sure to show an overview of the garden. Close-ups of beautiful flowers are great, but the judges need to see how elements in the garden work together to create a whole.

Send entries to:, or by mail to Beautiful Gardens, Star Tribune, 650 3rd Av. S., Minneapolis, MN 55488. We'll accept entries through June 20.