The going has gotten slower on metro-area freeways. Official word came out Thursday in the annual Metropolitan Freeway System Congestion Report. The report by the state Department of Transportation breaks down data collected in 2014 from the thousands of detectors embedded in metro area highways, adds some observations and delivers these tidbits:

Waiting, and more waiting

34: average hours a driver is stuck in traffic (for the year)

21.9: percent of the highway system is congested, a 2 percentage-point increase from 2012 levels after a small gain in 2013

159: number of congested freeway miles

Worst places in the morning:

I-35W: 24 congested miles

I-94: 23 congested miles

I-494: 20 congested miles

Worst places in the evening:

I-494: 27½ congested miles

I-94: 23½ congested miles

I-35W: 22½ congested miles

Congestion is defined as places where motorists traveled 45 mph or slower.

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Tim Harlow