Bib. Check. Banana. Check. Porta-potty. Check?

A personal porta-potty is part of the swag for one early registrant in this year’s Twin Cities Marathon on Oct. 9.

“By offering this promotion, it is a fun way to talk about something that matters to the runner,” said Virginia Brophy Achman, executive director of Twin Cities in Motion, which runs the race and related weekend events. “Hopefully it sparks a level of fun and conversation in the running community.”

Runners who sign up by Tuesday (and before the price increase) are eligible to win a package that includes a personal porta-potty at the start line, including two tickets to the VIP tent at the finish on the State Capitol grounds in St. Paul.

Brophy Achman said the response (“It’s been great”) shows an appreciation for the element of fun behind the idea.

This fall marks the 35th year of the marathon. Find more information at

Bob Timmons