Some Minnesotans tolerate winter, comparing it to a dark, near-death experience. Many embrace the snow and cold — and today marks the kickoff of St. Paul’s (amazing) Winter Carnival. It’s a good opportunity to thumb our collective noses at Old Man Winter and eat, drink and play in the snow.

I expect only minor melting of ice sculptures in Rice Park into Sunday with afternoon temperatures in the 30s. The mercury nudges 40 on Saturday, a heat wave for Minnesota in late January.

Soak up the relative warmth, though, because Boreas, King of the Winds, gets the last laugh next week. Although it won’t be as bitter as 10 or 13 days ago, I expect single-digit highs by late next week, with a few more nights dipping below zero. Hardly record territory, but cold enough for most folks.

Models still spin up a storm next week, loaded with moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. A plowable snowfall is possible Tuesday, but it’s still too early for specifics. That will depend on the final track, but snow lovers should be cautiously optimistic.