While your memories of the 1996-97 season of Gophers basketball cannot be erased, the record books do not feel that way. As such, the cheatin' Gophers of the mid-1990s ... followed by what can only be described in retrospect as the forgettable Dan Monson Era ... followed by improvements but still no paydirt from Tubby ... lead to this startling fact:

It has been 20 years since the Gophers men's basketball team officially won an NCAA tourney game. Yes, that's right. The victory over Syracuse that got Minnesota to the Elite 8 in 1990 was the last tournament win that's still on record.

As we sit blissfully watching Notre Dame and Old Dominion -- seriously, we wouldn't normally give two [redacteds] about either team, but right now we care deeply -- we ask: will that streak be broken tomorrow against Xavier? We have a strange hunch the answer is yes.

Also: Anyone up for an impromptu lunch-based Redactular tomorrow to watch this thing (or at least a part of it)?