Visitors to St. Catherine University's art gallery have a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into the lives of women in the Islamic world.

The traveling exhibition "Breaking the Veils" arrived Feb. 6 at the Catherine G. Murphy Gallery.

The opening event drew an impressive crowd, including Khalid Khreis, director of the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. "The aim is to change the stereotype about women in Islamic countries," he said. "They represent the diversity of the Islamic world."

For St. Kate's, the exhibit was an obvious match for the women-only St. Paul school.

"It's a perfect fit," said Kathleen Daniels, the gallery curator. "The exhibition embraces a global perspective that St. Catherine University envisions as we move toward internationalization."

Niceties aside, the impressive collection of contemporary art offers a glimpse into another culture. "It's personally exciting for me; these artists' names were unfamiliar to me," Daniels said.

On view through April 1, the exhibition offers insight into women from around the globe -- no passport required.

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