Mike Zimmer didn't leave much to be read between the lines when talking Thursday at the NFL scouting combine. He was very blunt in his assessment of several subjects, including what the Vikings are thinking when it comes to their offseason QB conundrum.

Based on what he said about not spending so much that it might hurt the defense ... and his "Is he the guy when he was at Houston or the Rams or is he the guy who played for us?" comment about Case Keenum ... and his continued fear of Sam Bradford's long-term knee health, it sure seemed like Zimmer wants Teddy Bridgewater.

"It's really hard to evaluate just in practice. We have to go back a lot with Teddy on what he's done in the past, him as a person, his work ethic, all those things," he said. "Him not playing for two years and not being able to see him play in live situations, that's concerning a little bit. But I love the guy. He's a great kid, great competitor, a winner."

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